Yearly Band Testing

All swim members and guests 10 and under must be band-tested YEARLY!  Band-testing will be conducted by the Senior Guard or Manager on duty. Band-testing will begin when the club opens full-time.

The swim club has 3 designations for banded swimmers:

Green Band: The green band is our highest band at the club. It indicates that a swimmer can use the slide, diving board, and all areas of the Main Pool. It also limits a swimmers use of the baby pool. To obtain a band, a swimmer must demonstrate a proficient swimmer’s stroke while swimming the length of the main pool. They also must be able to tread water unassisted for 1 full minute. Swimmers may only try 2 times per day for their band. Swimmers will receive the first band free, but will be required to pay $1.00 to the checker on duty for a replacement.

Yellow Band: Our yellow band indicates that a swimmer may use the main pool without a parent being poolside. The yellow band also allows use of the slide. Yellow banded swimmers may not be in the diving well, or use the diving board. To obtain a yellow band, swimmers must be able to demonstrate a swimmers stroke while swimming 1/2 of the main pool without touching the bottom of the pool. Swimmers with a yellow band may also be limited in their use of the baby pool. Swimmers will be given their first yellow band for free, but will be required to pay the checker $1.00 for a replacement.

Red Band: Red Bands indicate that a swimmer must have a parent poolside while in the main pool. These swimmers may not use the slide or diving board. Red Banded swimmers will have limited access to the main pool and should have their parents’ attention at both pools at all times. All swimmers without a band at the pool, will be considered red banded swimmers and will have their use of the main pool limited.

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