Board Members

Pete DiLorenzo

Role: President     |     Contact Form

Status: 5yrs of Gator Pride shows!
About me: I wanted to be a part of the Gibbstown Swim Board because I care about this little gem and I hold an interest where my family swims.

Gary Narvid

Role: Vice President     |     Contact Form

Status: Staying on another term!
About me: Gary brings his work experience to help keep the club moving forward. He's also a swim official & enjoys his time on the pool deck.

Jeanette Peel

Role: Treasurer     |     Contact Form

Status: Lost count of years ")
About me: Jeanette's been a member for 27yrs-serving as treasurer for the last 10. Her background has helped improve the financial stability of the club.

Gina Casella

Role: Secretary     |     Contact Form

Status: Still going strong!
About me: Gina's been a member almost her whole life. She's worked many jobs here. She was also part of the Swim Team, and is their

Shawn Jess

Role: Pool Operation     |     Contact Form

Status: 20+ But Who's Counting????
About me: Shawn has been overseeing Pool Operations for well over 15yrs. He is truly the reason the GSC is considered one of the best in GlouCo!

Shannon McKinnon

Role: Swim Team     |     Contact Form

Status: She C's the next Division in her 6th year on deck
About me: Coach Shannon has been successfully leading our Gators for the past 3 years!

Theresa Wordelmann

Role: Swim Team     |     Contact Form

Status: Rocking the Blocks in her 4th Year!

Donna O'Leary

Role: At Large     |     Contact Form

Status: Her Club roots run deep - she's here for life!
About me: Donna has been a member of the Club for 62 years - started as a lifeguard, swim team coach then manager! Wanted to give back to the Swim Community!

Steve D'Angelo

Role: Trustee     |     Contact Form

Status: 5th Year & Still helping the club improve!

Jimmy Coyle

Role: Trustee     |     Contact Form

Status: Love's this Club!

Carol Liquori

Role: Trustee     |     Contact Form

Status: 3rd Year's A Charm!
About me: Supporting the club that has given my family years of enjoyment.

Wanda Tranquillo

Role: Trustee     |     Contact Form

Status: Loving her Club Connection!!

Michelle Murschell

Role: Trustee     |     Contact Form

Status: Rocking her position!